July 8 – updating the blog

8 July 2015

It”s been almost a year since I posted to the blog.  We’ve taken the boat through the rest of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand.  We’ve done a lot of land travel too – Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and Java.  I’m still sorting through photos but these new posts will give you a peek at where we’ve been.  Alas, the blog is still behind but only by several months now.

Current plan is to leave Phuket, Thailand by July 20, exit Sunda Strait and start across the Indian Ocean.  We’ll stop at Cocos Keeling, Rodriguez Island, Mauritius and Reunion.  We expect to arrive Richard’s Bay, South Africa late November.  More details to come and hopefully a map soon as I remember how to include that.

IMG_7695 shec 6x